"Protecting your assets one coat at a time"

Together they form an alliance that is passionate and quality driven to provide customer service that is matchless, because it is all about meeting your needs. They aim to work with you personally to raise the bar of your expectations to give you exactly what you want. These values have formed their motto and philosophy: Protecting your assets one coat at a time”.


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Chad Schultz


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​Ben Perez


Ben was introduced to the restoration industry early in his childhood by his father who was an auto body tech. Learning the trade from his father he began to explore other branches of finish coatings. When he discovered powder coating he was fascinated. His passion for the industry began to grow and he pursued his career. Through the years he was recognized for the quality of his work and was persuaded to begin a business of his own and in early 2015 he met Chad. They decided to join visions and this vision evolved into Powder by Design LLC.

For over 20 years Chad had a passion for establishing a powder coating business.  His fascination was discovered while working as an engineer designing molds for plastic injection. Although having real interest in pursuing the business, he placed his focused on a higher education earning himself a degree in mechanical engineering at USF and later even to pursue his MBA. Although becoming very successful in his career as an engineer, his heart was set on fulfilling his dream and he finally founded Schultz’s Powder Coating in 2012. Soon after this, he brought Ben Perez into the business to grow the vision even further.

Maintaining your business 


Since we've have been in business, Powder by Design powder coating has been striving to provide our clients with the best quality powder coating services possible to gain their full satisfaction and they’ve shown their appreciation by coming back to us repeatedly! Stop by Powder By Design in Tarpon Springs and experience why we are matchless to other powder coating companies!