"Protecting your assets one coat at a time"


Powder Coating Services

You are our priority

Powder by Design in Tarpon Springs is dedicated to protecting your assets one coat at a time by providing the highest quality finish to your material. These cosmetic finishes range from a wide variety of colors and textures of your preference to compliment exactly how you imagined your project should look! 


Powder Coating: a highly durable coating formed of plastic that is ground into a fine powder. It is electrostatically charged to conduce to a part and when cured (heated to the proper temperature required) it will “flow” or melt covering and protecting the metal. This hard cosmetic finish is all around tougher than any conventional liquid paint in durability, longevity and impact resistance.


Pre-Treatment: the preparation process before coating the product. This process is essential to provide the best quality finish. It consists of various stages of degreasing, etching, de-smutting, chemically treating, various rinses, and to certain metals a special out-gassing process to remove all impurities from the surface.


Abrasive Blasting: 
forcefully propelling abrasive material with high pressure to a surface. This process is very effective in ensuring that there is no trapped dirt, bubbles or dust under the new coat. It knocks loose any remaining imperfections so they can then be easily washed off, forming a smooth surface upon which to lay the new layer of coating.


Pick up/ Delivery: 
we are readily available to pick up and deliver your product throughout central Florida for your convenience.

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